Tuesday, June 3, 2008

To Judge or not to Judge..

Before I was a mother, I would look at the kids screaming in the store , and say to myself "wow what bad parents"

When I became a mother to my 2 oldest, I thought to myself " Wow those parents just cant control their kids, look at how good mine are"

When I hate Mateo I thought to myself, Wow I feel for that mother, Im sure she needs a break, and she is trying as hard as she can.

Who am I to judge, maybe the parents arent up to par, but maybe its something else. Maybe their child is autistic, maybe ADHD, maybe there is alot of stress in the family. It is not my place to judge.

I have learned to try and live like this each and everyday of mylife, and to see things from others point of view. When a lady cuts me off when driving, I think, well maybe she has to get to the hospital.. When a person is rude, I think, Well maybe they found out some bad news today, and arent taking it to well.

It is not my place to judge. My husband once told me that let God be the judge, by consuming myself with the problem solver, I am only hurting myself.

So I have let God be the judge, and let me tell you. Life is just so much easier. I dont worry about much anymore, I know God will take care of it. When a person is rude, or cuts me off, I say a prayer that their day gets better.

On a funny note though, Brian and I decided that we were going to make a bumper sticker that says "Hey stupid people, STOP HOGGING GOD"
You know when you ask for the unrealistic things, the material things, and he doesnt answer.. Well besides the fact that I dont need it, I have chalked it up to stupid people.. The people taking on their cell phones and almost drive off a cliff, yep those people, there are so many ( I am one of them sometimes) that God spends most of his time saving them. :)