Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ive come to the conclusion

That kids poop laundry..

Yep yep, yes they do.. I clean and clean and find more laundry.. you would think i had girls with the amount of times outfits get changed, but no i have boys...

I know we have the Green people out there, but oh well i really think towels should be like big paper towels. The refuse to use the same one. I am on my second load of towels today..


Put your swim trunks on the side of the tub, does NOT mean, leave them on the floor, toss them on the bath room floor, and it does not mean put your dry shorts on top

Shower time-
Means, yes you must wash all the soap out of your hair, that thing called a towel rack, yep that's where they go.. While i am sure its fun, its not OK to slip and slide in the bath room with wet feet.. You must brush your teeth for at least 30 secs if not more. I need to see that you have tooth paste on your tooth brush, and YES YOU MUST DRY YOUR HAIR AND BODY BEFORE GETTING DRESSED!!!!!!!!!!


When i say pause it i don't mean at your connivance, or when Jesus comes down to earth, I mean NOW..

Exercise for moms-
Each time you bed down to pick up towels , or that random sock, tighten your abs, TRUST ME you will fell the burn

I have missed having these guys, while i joke about all this stuff i really missed it