Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

  • I did not skip giving my daughter a bath last night just because I was tired, I believe in a bath every night
  • I did not have my son stay home from school because of his asthma, and than allow him to play video games all day. I make my sick children stay in bed.
  • I did not let my child walk out of the house the other day with his shoes on the wrong feet, just because he thought he was right. Nope not me
  • There is also no way I would ever put pine sol in the sink so it could smell like I cleaned.
  • Also I make sure on days that I have the flu that my son still eats healthy and not a pudding and granola bar for lunch..

Brian has had some revenge coming to him for sometime because he is ALWAYS messing with you, well this morning I got it.. There may be an F bomb, I dont remember

Sunday, September 20, 2009


He loved soccer, hes actually pretty good, kinda slow, and best yet NO INJURIES!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Anyone can tell you who I was before, I laughed and had fun. Back in 05 I was struck with panic attacks. I am afraid to fly, sit passenger, ride a train and many other moving objects. A lot of my fears are silly. But none the less they have hindered me and my marriage. My mother works for an airline, and I can fly on her pass very cheaply, to Ireland and many other places. I thank god I have my loving husband who understands me and holds my hand. But because of me, I make him drive everywhere. We are getting out of the Army into the unknown because of my panic. Well this Friday I am no longer going to relay on meds. I will still take them, but I will start cognitive therapy, where I can change my way of thinking. To know that the extra cup of coffee in the morning will not kill me. To know that riding a train, will not kill me. To know I no longer have to find the fastest escape out of the room. Wish me luck. I cant wait to be me again.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The kiddos

soccer and aspergers- Whats a mom to do.

Well I bit the bullet, I have officially enrolled Mateo into soccer, against my better mommy judgment. I understand the need for him to be challenged, I also get that this may help his balanace. But any mother with a aspie child knows that sports don't really go in the category of something their child can do. Sure Ive looked everywhere for someone to tell me " Hey my kid does just fine". I have yet to hear or read that. I am worried, I am scared that he wont know how to play, he will get hurt, or the kids will leave him out. Trust me kids at 5 and 6 are brutal, and my son wouldn't hurt a fly (most likely because he is afraid of flies). So with us luck, Thursday is our first practice.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009