Saturday, December 8, 2007


I often wonder why people celebrate Christmas if they dont believe the story. I have reasons such as, oh well its about family, and what not. Ive have heard awful reasons that make me cringe. In the end , why do we have Christmas, because of Jesus, our savior. To take away from that is well just a disrespect. Why top your tree with an angel if you don't believe. We will start a new tradition this year, and read the story, so my children can remember it is not about GIFTS ( while they are nice) it is about a little baby who would be raised to become our saviour, he was a gift from god.

Now with that being said, whats up with the tree lol. Who decided HEY lets decorate a tree with funny looking balls, and were gonna put lights on it too. Must have been some one very drunk, or just out of it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

to the conclusion

I have come to the conclusion, that Autism dosent matter to my son, so why do I let if affect me. I was ( and still am) so very proud of Mateo and how far he has come, yet when I put him next to a child his own age, I get sad. How i want for him to be able to imagine like the other children, for them not to call him stupid for laughing at the oddest things, for them to not make fun of him for not being potty trained. He is too young to notice it right now, but it still hurts me to see it. There are not any support groups near by, and the random people i have spoken with dont think that I am good enough because my son is low on the Spectrum. I didnt know the world was so trival that i am now judged because of where my son stands on the spec. How sad is that.