Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Things I have learned/noticed

You think I would have learned that the taco bell drive though is no good. Every time we go ( does not matter what store) our order is messed up. The biggest issue was when we ordered a kids soft taco, and it came back hard taco.. While to most people this seems small, to me its a difference of whether or not I enjoy a meal with out giving the Heimlich maneuver though a meal. You see even though my child is 4, he still can not eat chips or hard tacos.

I have also learned today that I am not a mother who includes all food groups in all her meals, but my kids do eat healthy ( milk and coco pebbles count right ...kidding)

I also learned today I am not the perfect Army wife... When given a deployment I can handle the world, when hubby works late for a week strait, i freak out because WHO IS GOING TO EMPTY THIS DISHWASHER!!
Last deployment I went though 5 sets of silverware, I will clean up child or animal puke, i will stick my hand in a garabge disposal, but I WILL NOT put the silverware away.. Not gonna happen..

I agree with this child.. DOWN WITH THE SPOONS!!!!

I also learned today that wow i have changed.. On our way to Taco bell for our refund, I am jammin away to Third Day ..
Yes me, Tattooed wife who loves to say Frick ( no really I do say Frick) jammin to third day ( I had to retype it to make sure, 5 years ago this WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ME) Any who, listening to my God music and this car pulls up next to me and than I was forced to listen to F this and F that ( not the word frick either) or N this and My N that.. Not only was i forced but so was my child.

I am sure I will learn more though my life, and I would love to post more, but my Mateo is attempting to ride the dog, So I believe that is my cue to go


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

OK that's so funny about the spoons! LOL

I am with you on the 5 food groups... especially with Kameron who refuses to come within 10 feet of any veggie. The kid won't even eat CORN! Who doesn't like corn?!

I love Third Day too :).