Monday, June 30, 2008


I lost my Uncle this past Feb, I miss him. Growing up I was not the best kid, I was down right a BRAT!! Yet he loved me and spoiled me when my mother was being a good mom, or being to harsh. He was diagnosed in Dec 2007 with cancer in his liver, the plan was simple.. He was to get chemo strait to his liver and all would be well.. There was no talk of dying, Im not sure it was even an option. I told my mother in january when he wasnt doing so well , that if anything were to happen that she was to call me and I would be right there.. Well 12 hours right there since I dont fly and its a long drive.. She called me thursday night 5:30 January 31st.. she said "Christina, you may want to drive up here" My mother is not a drama queen , she will wait until the last minute to tell me something, when my grandmother was in the hospital she didnt tell me , but than again i didnt need to go up there, so while my mother is not a drama queen , I AM. So anywase,

by 6:00 we were on the road, We got a hotel in Kentucky around 2 a.m and were up and at em the next morning. With my mother calling me every hour telling me to hurry up. I got the hospital at 4:30 Friday Feb 1st 2008 I had 3 hours with him, until we lost him.. He took his last breath as we heard the train whistle in the back ground.. he spent his life on the rail road.. We lost a good man that day.. but it wasnt over than, Feb 5th 2008 as my husband i prepared to celebrate our 5th annviersay, We lost our grandfather to cancer also. I do not have any pictures of my grandfather, as he did not become my grandfather untill my mother and step father married , but he never treated me different, i was family to him.