Thursday, April 2, 2009

update I guess

Not much has been happening since I last updated. I am now 7 months along only 2 more to go, even though in pregnancy lingo that really means 3. My new obsession this week is cookies and tye dying t shirt with Mateo. He thinks this is awesome by the way.

My oldest son is now 11, and has won a scholarship to blue lake. Hes not happy about it and doesn't want to go. Yet he needs to, he has confidence issues.. Also when most people hear scholorship they think FREE, however his scholorship turned into 700 bucks, but with 2 sets of parents chipping in we should be ok.

We are now up to 4 cats, Brian cracked and allowed me to get another cat. But just like kids, we are now done with animals I dont want to be the crazy cat lady. So here I leave u with recent pictures.
The first is the babys room before and after

And my internet is running slow, so thats all the pics for now


ღJessicaღ said...

is that pink in the baby's room? are you having a girl?!! :) it is so cute by the way! love it!