Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Five

Each Friday I will post 5 thing I am thankful for. This will help me end the week on a good note, no matter what has happened.

1.I am thankful to the person who came up with tye dyeing. Mateo and i had a blast this week making T-Shirts, and it was wonderful time spent together

2. I am thankful for teachers, not just the educational kind, but those who take time out of their schedule to teach us from their mistakes.

3. While at time I detest the Army, I am thankful for them. The insurance, my bills being paid, a roof over my head. While the rest of the world is worrying on how they will pay their mortgage, we don't have to worry about that

4. I am thankful for God. This is an obvious one, however with him my life wouldn't be complete. Sure life gets crazy and their are times I think I cant do it, but those are the times that I don't let God in.

5. My husband. He is home every night with the family. Some husbands prefer to spend time at bars, or out with their Friends, but he chooses to spend his free time with us.