Monday, May 5, 2008

Give Bone Marrow

From now until May 19th, you can sign up to give Bone Marrow for free!!!! Please go to and click register ( left box).

I dont want to hear any excuses, none at ALL!!! You may be thinking, oh well Im scared, I dont like to be put under.. Blah blah. Let me tell you something.. If all you have to fear is being put to sleep for a bit, you have no complaint. There are mothers , fathers and others out there who fear for their childs life, who are dieing from Cancer, and your donation could save their life. So Stop reading this and GO GO GO..

If you need another reason try this. In the past year I have read of a little boy dieing in less than 8 months from a brain tumor, i have seen a little girl go into remisson because someone wasnt scared and donated bone marrow. You want to work a miracle, sign up to donate!!