Friday, November 21, 2008

God Wow he is wonderful

Wow, God is powerful. How many people can say they can rely on someone though thick and thin, someone who will love you and always have their arms open for you. Someone who will forgive you for your wrong doings and can provide you with everything you have ever needed. I can say that I have that person in my life. The person is the lord. The most powerful spirit. I still have a long journry ahead of me, and long walk but I can say I am so glad I have God to do it with. I have decided that this blog is going to be about my journey, my questions, how I dealt with the word submit, how i am learning about finances, and one of the best books a person could read. Every womens battle. I will re read this book chapter by chapter..

I leave you with this, the beginning is slow, but wow. This video brings me to tears, and it reminds me just how much god loves me. I leared something tonight when I was listening to the chaplain. Its very simple. Either be in Gods wrath , or Gods love. I dont know about you, but I prefer to be on Gods good side.