Sunday, August 10, 2008

We have arrived


They packed and moved our stuff last Thursday and Friday. The plan was to sleep on our lovely air bed untill sunday night.. But by midnight Friday, I couldnt sleep, neither could Brian so off to a motel we went!! We spent Sat and Sunday cleaning, than went out to dinner with friends.. let me tell you what, the military has taught my husband well on packing. We fit TOO much luggage, a dog and 3 cats into the cobalt!

We cleared housing fast and were on the road by 1:30. By 2:30 I was in a gas station bathroom, cleaning out the cats cage ( chole doesnt travel well and pees and poos in her crate) Gave them more dope, and we were back on our way.. ( on a funny note, as i put the cats back into the car, Nathan said "mom the cats are wet" I said yeah they are pretty pissed at me, He replies " Was that suppose to be a joke" HAHA )Stopped in Marrieta Ga, so Brian could relive the past, and than to South Carolina. The hotel people were super nice..

Called housing First thing tuesday, and by 10 we were moving in to our 4 bedroom HUGE house ( the outside sucks but oh well). By 11, the movers were here with our stuff, we spent wednesday swimming at the water park here (5 slides, a lazy river and a bunch more) than kept unpacking.

We only have a few boxes left. Brian starts in processing Monday, Than starts his TDY Friday so we can drive 12 hours to get Nathan home to Michigan!

Thankfully Nathans dad has been really cool about the whole thing.

So that will be a fun 12 hour trip, the boys us and the dog. I am very anal about my dog, and will not just leave her anywhere. So i figured why the hell not bring her with. Teo will start school the 25th , im not sure how thats going to go cause its only 2 hours a day( here at the preschool on post) but his IEP (special needs plan) says he needs 18 hours a week.

Oh and one thing i learned here.. Frogs are cute, and there is sand EVERYWHERE, dirt does not exist down here..

Next month we will be looking for a second car, wish us luck. And Brian has approved me getting a new couch ( i hate mine).

They jacked up our pay, Housing gave us the first months rent free (weeeeeee) and our other housing stopped the allotment Aug 1st, but the damn money hasnt gone though to the pay check yet, so nik-bit, it will be on Sept 1st, in full. ( at least i hope if not there is always Salle Mae)

Thats the fun of our trip!!

And I leave U with another random picture