Monday, June 30, 2008


I lost my Uncle this past Feb, I miss him. Growing up I was not the best kid, I was down right a BRAT!! Yet he loved me and spoiled me when my mother was being a good mom, or being to harsh. He was diagnosed in Dec 2007 with cancer in his liver, the plan was simple.. He was to get chemo strait to his liver and all would be well.. There was no talk of dying, Im not sure it was even an option. I told my mother in january when he wasnt doing so well , that if anything were to happen that she was to call me and I would be right there.. Well 12 hours right there since I dont fly and its a long drive.. She called me thursday night 5:30 January 31st.. she said "Christina, you may want to drive up here" My mother is not a drama queen , she will wait until the last minute to tell me something, when my grandmother was in the hospital she didnt tell me , but than again i didnt need to go up there, so while my mother is not a drama queen , I AM. So anywase,

by 6:00 we were on the road, We got a hotel in Kentucky around 2 a.m and were up and at em the next morning. With my mother calling me every hour telling me to hurry up. I got the hospital at 4:30 Friday Feb 1st 2008 I had 3 hours with him, until we lost him.. He took his last breath as we heard the train whistle in the back ground.. he spent his life on the rail road.. We lost a good man that day.. but it wasnt over than, Feb 5th 2008 as my husband i prepared to celebrate our 5th annviersay, We lost our grandfather to cancer also. I do not have any pictures of my grandfather, as he did not become my grandfather untill my mother and step father married , but he never treated me different, i was family to him.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

air show

I can now add the air show to my list of places that I can no longer attend. I love the air show, always have. The blue angels will put the biggest smile on my face.. However, while Mateo did ok with the noise of the planes, I could not approach the jets, with out him screaming. I swear the world must have thought I beat the child. You know those kids in Walmart that are screaming NO NO NO NO NO NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. That was mateo.. Mateo is a very good child ( no i am not just saying that because he is mine) he truly is a good child, its very rare that I get back talk.. but today.. nope the autism was not left at home, it came with us. And of course this upset me, im not really sure why since I kinda of knew his would happen, but add 1000000 people, 99 degree weather, and flying dust, and it makes for one cranky mommy. So i took him and Nathan home, about 2 hours into the show.. and i couldnt shake the cranky mommy , soo I am ready for bed. It didnt help that a panic attack snuck up on me while stuck in traffic to get into the show.. Thankfully the serinty prayer usually helps me fight them.

On a funny note, we took Nathan to the dentist the other day, and Mateo had to go potty.. So we walk into the bath room, and it was decorated with striped wall paper, deep reds and greens.. Mateo yells as loud as he can mid stream " Mama we are peeing in side a tissue box" Hmm what, than it hit me, and he was right.. it looked like we were in one giant tissue box.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ive come to the conclusion

That kids poop laundry..

Yep yep, yes they do.. I clean and clean and find more laundry.. you would think i had girls with the amount of times outfits get changed, but no i have boys...

I know we have the Green people out there, but oh well i really think towels should be like big paper towels. The refuse to use the same one. I am on my second load of towels today..


Put your swim trunks on the side of the tub, does NOT mean, leave them on the floor, toss them on the bath room floor, and it does not mean put your dry shorts on top

Shower time-
Means, yes you must wash all the soap out of your hair, that thing called a towel rack, yep that's where they go.. While i am sure its fun, its not OK to slip and slide in the bath room with wet feet.. You must brush your teeth for at least 30 secs if not more. I need to see that you have tooth paste on your tooth brush, and YES YOU MUST DRY YOUR HAIR AND BODY BEFORE GETTING DRESSED!!!!!!!!!!


When i say pause it i don't mean at your connivance, or when Jesus comes down to earth, I mean NOW..

Exercise for moms-
Each time you bed down to pick up towels , or that random sock, tighten your abs, TRUST ME you will fell the burn

I have missed having these guys, while i joke about all this stuff i really missed it

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Things I have learned/noticed

You think I would have learned that the taco bell drive though is no good. Every time we go ( does not matter what store) our order is messed up. The biggest issue was when we ordered a kids soft taco, and it came back hard taco.. While to most people this seems small, to me its a difference of whether or not I enjoy a meal with out giving the Heimlich maneuver though a meal. You see even though my child is 4, he still can not eat chips or hard tacos.

I have also learned today that I am not a mother who includes all food groups in all her meals, but my kids do eat healthy ( milk and coco pebbles count right ...kidding)

I also learned today I am not the perfect Army wife... When given a deployment I can handle the world, when hubby works late for a week strait, i freak out because WHO IS GOING TO EMPTY THIS DISHWASHER!!
Last deployment I went though 5 sets of silverware, I will clean up child or animal puke, i will stick my hand in a garabge disposal, but I WILL NOT put the silverware away.. Not gonna happen..

I agree with this child.. DOWN WITH THE SPOONS!!!!

I also learned today that wow i have changed.. On our way to Taco bell for our refund, I am jammin away to Third Day ..
Yes me, Tattooed wife who loves to say Frick ( no really I do say Frick) jammin to third day ( I had to retype it to make sure, 5 years ago this WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ME) Any who, listening to my God music and this car pulls up next to me and than I was forced to listen to F this and F that ( not the word frick either) or N this and My N that.. Not only was i forced but so was my child.

I am sure I will learn more though my life, and I would love to post more, but my Mateo is attempting to ride the dog, So I believe that is my cue to go

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The word R

I dislike the word retarded. Typing it even bothers me. I dont care for this word.. People use it instead of swearing, but to me I take offense. My 4 year old son is autistic, I had a lady once say to me " oh hes autistic, so that means he retarded" Umm no.. Hes quite smart he can speak 4 languages and he knows sign also. So when some one says, oh he is being retarded, really what do you mean?? Do you mean someone with special needs?? Someone who acts differently than you do.. Please chose your words.. I know it sounds silly, but you can even say Wow he is acting a fool, or acting wierd.. or something. You think you sound silly but at least you are not hurting someones feelings.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

To Judge or not to Judge..

Before I was a mother, I would look at the kids screaming in the store , and say to myself "wow what bad parents"

When I became a mother to my 2 oldest, I thought to myself " Wow those parents just cant control their kids, look at how good mine are"

When I hate Mateo I thought to myself, Wow I feel for that mother, Im sure she needs a break, and she is trying as hard as she can.

Who am I to judge, maybe the parents arent up to par, but maybe its something else. Maybe their child is autistic, maybe ADHD, maybe there is alot of stress in the family. It is not my place to judge.

I have learned to try and live like this each and everyday of mylife, and to see things from others point of view. When a lady cuts me off when driving, I think, well maybe she has to get to the hospital.. When a person is rude, I think, Well maybe they found out some bad news today, and arent taking it to well.

It is not my place to judge. My husband once told me that let God be the judge, by consuming myself with the problem solver, I am only hurting myself.

So I have let God be the judge, and let me tell you. Life is just so much easier. I dont worry about much anymore, I know God will take care of it. When a person is rude, or cuts me off, I say a prayer that their day gets better.

On a funny note though, Brian and I decided that we were going to make a bumper sticker that says "Hey stupid people, STOP HOGGING GOD"
You know when you ask for the unrealistic things, the material things, and he doesnt answer.. Well besides the fact that I dont need it, I have chalked it up to stupid people.. The people taking on their cell phones and almost drive off a cliff, yep those people, there are so many ( I am one of them sometimes) that God spends most of his time saving them. :)