Saturday, December 8, 2007


I often wonder why people celebrate Christmas if they dont believe the story. I have reasons such as, oh well its about family, and what not. Ive have heard awful reasons that make me cringe. In the end , why do we have Christmas, because of Jesus, our savior. To take away from that is well just a disrespect. Why top your tree with an angel if you don't believe. We will start a new tradition this year, and read the story, so my children can remember it is not about GIFTS ( while they are nice) it is about a little baby who would be raised to become our saviour, he was a gift from god.

Now with that being said, whats up with the tree lol. Who decided HEY lets decorate a tree with funny looking balls, and were gonna put lights on it too. Must have been some one very drunk, or just out of it.